Arturo Vidich


The Rough (working title)*, in-progress
*A project of Creative Capital


“Widowers Club” (2018)

“My Famous Friend” (2018)

“Chocolate Trips” (2017)

“Dasha’s Story” (2017)

“Chuckles” (2016)

“Balls” (2008)

“Broken Headlights” (2008)


“Katya” (2018)

“How To Get A Cat To Stop Scratching Your Couch” (2018)




Body Island is inspired by a vision of the performer's body as a landscape and a site of refuge. In using imagery that evokes a natural catastrophe, the work is a metaphor for how society anticipates and responds to crisis. One performer and ten rats interacted in a closed structure as it flooded. Spectators reclined on the structure while the unseen performance occurred beneath them. Three camera feeds of the action were live-edited and projected onto a screen suspended over the structure. This work exists as a single channel video, as well as a 4-channel video installation. The performance captures complex, unpredictable behavior patterns that suggest larger structures. The performer in Body Island uses behavior as a prompt for the rats, who were trained to respond to position and movement as well as environmental factors. Shot on location at Abrons Art Center, co-presented by The Chocolate Factory. March, 2011


142241, 2013


Daedaelus Effect, (excerpt) 2013


Shitopia, 2011


more to come