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The Daedalus Effect and other dilemmas

Created and performed by Arturo Vidich
Additional Direction by Enrico D. Wey
Costume by Kae Burke
Construction Assistance by Emma Fitzgerald, Jon Harper, Aki Sasamoto, Joseph Vidich, Luis Violante, Enrico D Wey
Production Assistance by Greta Hartenstein
Additional Object by Joe Levasseur

Presented by New York Live Arts
an 24-26 2013 at 7:30PM off-site at The Invisible Dog Art Center

Work-in-Progress presented by:
MAD Museum, Oct. 2012
New York Live Arts, Jan. 2012

Called “…a singularly captivating dancer…” both “[f]ierce and smart…” by The New York Times, Vidich’s The Daedalus Effect and other dilemmas is a piece about work. As the creator and performer, Vidich assumes both the mythical persona of Daedalus, the taciturn engineer who invented the labyrinth, and Icarus, his ill-fated son, as metaphors for perils of the production process. It is a solo dance performance with objects, which are placed on equal footing with the performer. As Vidich realizes that he is an 'Arturo' object he delivers the show into the realm of auto-fiction.

Over forty modular objects and structures, mostly designed and built by Vidich, populate the ground floor of The Invisible Dog Arts Center and are used as improvisational dance scores. Philosophically, these "objects" are excretions, ideas extruded into three-dimensions. They are scores, physical texts that can be read and enunciated by the performer's body. Like booby trap puzzle pieces, idiosyncratic combinations of these objects generate physical dilemmas for the performer during each show, and prompt strings of full-body gestures. Through improvisational interactions with the structures, Vidich develop a vernacular in real-time that seeks to inspire others toward a heuristic relationship with their own material world.

Some of the objects move autonomously, providing an unpredictable timing structure to performance. Custom made sound and light machines contribute to the over all mood.  

The Daedalus Effect and other dilemmas is commissioned by New York Live Arts and made possible, in part, by the Jerome Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support is given by contributors to The Dance Theater Workshop Commissioning Fund at New York Live Arts. The Daedalus Effect and other dilemmas was developed through the Studio Series artist residency at New York Live Arts (2011-2012), and the Risk + Reward artist residency organized by Jake Yuzna at the Museum of Arts and Design (Fall 2012).

Schedule of Related Events:

Jan 25 Stay Late Mixer: Constraints, Autofiction, and The Performative Object moderated by Stephen Greco

ALSO: Shared Practice Workshop: Jan 26, 12:30-2:30pm

Arturo Vidich's Shared Practice Workshop will be a laboratory in identifying and performing one's auto-fiction. In autobiographical work, what we show and tell about ourselves is mediated by language and behavior. However, a personal narrative with all of its complexities, off-shoots, and parallel events cannot be trimmed down to a singular, economized package of truth. Using methods rooted in dance, theater, psychiatry, and film, Vidich will guide a small group through creating their own ecstatic truths in a super-market of truths.