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The Universe Is A Totalitarian Regime!

The Universe Is A Totalitarian Regime! is an alternative history Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel set in 1950s Soviet Russia. Pushkin the Dog’s extraordinary nose gets him what he wants, usually yummy ploff, a rarity on the Steppe ten years after the Great Patriotic War—it also gets him into trouble. He wishes his partner in crime, Dasha AKA Little Ducky, would drive her bus someplace green and look at him the way she used to, but they’re on the run thanks to Barracuda, ‘that bastard’ who stole Dasha’s designs and betrayed them to the law. Some months later, after everything has fallen apart, Pushkin finds himself alone on a slushy road, blood on his face, sniffing after a female he can’t remember. A Moscow man named Slava, who stinks of regret and fermented fruit, rescues Pushkin to the Institute of Aviation Futures, and unintended mortal peril.

This project is supported by Creative Capital.

Concept sketches below: