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Road Trap

In February 2012, Ashley Rawlings (ArtAsiaPacific) invited artists and writers to create a new piece based on a chapter title from The Anarchist's Cookbook. I chose Road Trap. The project was hosted by Kunstverein, US, DOCUMENTS Residency in collaboration with White Zinfandel. Here is Ashley's editor's letter about the project.
 Road Trap, 2012, epoxy resin, roadkill squirrel, fishbowl, acrylic, LEDs, wires, switch, AC adaptor, paint, clay, fabric, trilobite fossil, and a brass button. 30 x 12 x 18 inches.

More images of Road Trap can be found on the Kunstverein, US website.

Road Trap was created during a performance called Nobody's Perfect But You Come Close with CultureBot writer, Jeremy Barker, at EXIT Art gallery during CultureBot's EPHEMERAL EVIDENCE Festival in April 2012.

NOBODY IS PERFECT BUT YOU COME CLOSE Arturo Vidich with Jeremy M. Barker The best listener is one who never talks back. As a statement both for and against the uncollectible nature of performance, Vidich will address the septic time bomb of a roadkill victim as a live art object, and fellow performer. The roadkill will absorb the emotions and thoughts of the performer, like a morbid piggy bank, as well as stand in for other objects and people. The event will be thoroughly captured on video, with emphasis on collapsing the hierarchy of live performance, documentation of performance, and performance made for video. During the day, the public will be able to contribute to the performance by teaching something to the performer, or through conversation. Sonic, tactile, and video elements will be prepared on-site, as well as creating the performance score, which will be enacted at 5pm.

And an interview with Jeremy about the work (scroll down to the bottom).