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Dispatch Summer 2015

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Summer 2015

Dearest Mausolea and Cryptos,

June is off to a chilly start here in NYC. I haven't noticed much because I've been spending a lot of time whistling in a graveyard. If you come to Green-Wood Cemetery next weekend you can catch me spooking up the electro-torch-lit mausoleum of a long deceased art collector, brandishing my soundsword enhanced with two more guitar pedals. The raw bass will conduct your bones.

Produced by MAPP International Productions
Also performing are SLV and Queen GodIs.
Gates open at 7, performance at 7:30

Here's some press on it!
New Yorker
Brooklyn Daily

Next month is the Creative Capital retreat at EMPAC in Troy, NY. I have 5 minutes to present aproject I've been working on for a while. Right now it's a novel in its 2nd draft, written over early morning coffee and in nap-time-length chunks over the last year and a half, since I became a dad. On top of that, I've been creating some concept art to go along with it, like the one below.

 Pushkin On The Steppe

Pushkin On The Steppe

As Ever,

Moscow performance reviews

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A couple reviews for my performance of Break In Reverse ZIL Cultural Center in Moscow, along with Jen Rosenblit's performance. I also screened Body Island on one of the evenings. Our evening was part of a short festival curated by Nastya Proshutinskaya. We were awarded one of the last Suitcase Fund travel bursaries from New York Live Arts.

 Talkback with Nastya Proshutinskaya after Body Island screening

Talkback with Nastya Proshutinskaya after Body Island screening

Performance at REVERSE

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      Earth Flat by melissa f. clarke

  Earth Flat by melissa f. clarke

I'm performing at REVERSE space as part of Melissa F. Clarke's show there   Earth Flat . 

More info: 

Friday night schedule:
Gallery Opens 7:30PM
Performance at 8:30PM
Margaret Schedel 8:30PM –
Wolfgang Gil 9:00PM –
Arturo Vidich 9:30PM –
Ben Own 10:00PM –
Luke DuBois 10:30PM –


Pink Pony

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        This Is Not a Pink Pony

  This Is Not a Pink Pony

Performing this week in the re-mounting of This Is Not A Pink Pony, the first show I worked on with Yvonne Meier back in 2005/2006. It was at The Kitchen, and now it's at Abrons Art Center. Featuring Osmany Tellez and Marion Ramirez. We've also made part 2, which features Aki Sasamoto, Jeremy Pheiffer, and me.


May 29, 30, and June 1st at 7:30pm

This is not a pink pony 1 is a remount of the piece which premiered in 2008 at the Kitchen, cast with the same dancers: Osmany TellezMarion Ramirez, and Arturo VidichIt is a Dr. Zhivago-like love triangle in wintry wartime. Dancers attempt to jump rope while threatened by gunfire. Midway through all dancers switch off and so do the sexual tensions. In this urgent constellation, the movement is tightly scored and full of jealousy and brutal revenge.

This is not a pink pony 2 is a new creation with dancers Aki Sasamoto, Jeremy Pheiffer, and Arturo Vidich. This piece deals with bullying as a way to turn out rough and complex relationships. As a departure from former scored improvisation this piece is a set choreography. Physical comedy is used as a release from the bitter tension running through this work. Dancers find themselves in unexpected situations that ask for unconventional solutions.

Over the years, Yvonne Meier has developed a high-risk movement vocabulary that takes the audience through transformation by exhaustion. Her group pieces are wild, anarchic, and provocative post-modern spectacles. She often creates environments in which the dancers are exposed to high-speed, complex, and eccentric movement scores, combining elements of danger and total physical commitment.