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Temporary Landscapes at Abrons Arts Center

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BODY ISLAND & 142241

Opening reception: Wednesday, January 7, 6-8PM

On view: January 7-18, 2015

Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street)
Lower East Side, NYC

Temporary Landscapes is an exhibition which shows the remains of two performances created by interdisciplinary artist Arturo Vidich. Body Island (2011) and 142241 (2013) were both produced at Abrons Arts Center, and each work was conceived to create a dual product of live performance and film. The resulting films are exhibited alongside objects, relics, and materials from the two performances. Vidich’s genre bending performances are described as “Fierce, physical, and smart,” by The New Yorker, “Vidich has a dream-like imagination, a lack of inhibition, and an ability to catch audiences off-guard.” 

The first of the two works, Body Island (performed March 24, 2011 at Abrons Arts Center Playhouse), was inspired by a vision of the performer’s body as a landscape and a site of refuge. One performer and ten rats interacted in a closed structure as it flooded; meanwhile, spectators reclined on the structure while the live performance occurred beneath them. Three camera feeds of the action were live-edited and projected onto a screen suspended over the structure. In Temporary Landscapes, this film is exhibited as a video installation, alongside relics from the performance, including swaths of the photo-canvas tile prints that lined the interior, and jars of charcoal powder, which Vidich applied to the white rats as their “costumes” on camera.

142241 (performed November 14-16, 2013 at Abrons Arts Center Underground Theater), deploys movement scores, songs and scenes to confuse the linear perception of time. In a set evoking a retro-future underwater lab crossed with a prehistoric cave, Vidich creates an electro-acoustic seascape of noise and dancing shadows. Video documentation of the performance is played in reverse, catching the slippery artifacts of an unraveling memory, and a series of spills magically unspilling. This world premiere of the film component of 142241 will be exhibited alongside several of the performance’s steel-framed sound and light machines, which respond to movement and sound.

Curated by Alexandra Rosenberg.
Above photo by Ian Douglas.
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