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142241 in the NY Times

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Siobahn Burke of the NY Times wrote a pleasant review of 142241. Read on below. 

But perhaps a more in-depth analysis of the work was written by my mother and father, who are probably a lot more familiar with my work since they've been seeing it for nearly 32 years. I've published their emails from the day after below, and some other observations, so People have a sense of the varied impressions others had.

142241 really got to me on a visceral level. Pretty much there is one person, then four people, then two people in the action ... but maybe it's all aspects of the same person. I did feel trapped in your nightmare at the end. ... The soundscape, the visual impressions, the bodies ... Amazing how seamlessly the two complete strangers you picked ... immediately entered into the tone and movement of the piece. I felt frustrated not to see more "beautiful dancing" by you as solo, and you with Max. This is perhaps another function of the piece, more of making the audience feel what your character feels ... the frustration of getting your emotions out there. The end segment was really arresting. You were an unresponsive rag doll that Max was trying to enliven, by gentle means, then by kicks in the ass and gripping of genitals, finally by the classic clown pie-in-the- face, but as with much of your work, this trope got dark and complex pretty fast ... multiple pies, blackface pies, pelting with vegetables and finally the ritual dunking, drowning, cleansing in the aquarium (evoking all sorts of animal associations, including life emerging from the primordial slime). [Your friend] told me after that she saw echoes of your S&M piece with the dominatrix. Your screaming at the end was both profoundly disturbing -- a cry for help and of rage -- and liberating. In this segment, the most disturbing moment, almost, was when Max ripped off your ears. In looking at this piece as a companion to the Daedalus piece ... in that one, you were the Wild Thing, the Little Prince, and it was all fairly lyrical, though you did struggle with physical objects ... with Max ripping off the ears of this darling animal, mutilating him, much violence and loss of innocence was evoked.  ... a really fantastic, beautiful and thought-provoking piece. 


And my father gave his account:

The doubling theme (which Linda pointed out) is used to express the interior conflict of the single character, the man and his doppelganger, and it's very well done. The piece moved wonderfully through an arc that ends in the character's humiliation and release of pent up rage and frustration. The end is powerful and startling. And the singing and sounds provide a perfect orchestration to the soul wrestling with its demon. I could feels bits of Poe and bits of Kafka in the show.


Others also weighed in. 

Haunting, dark, powerful, juicy psyche food. Saw this jawdropping wonderscape with the divine [name omitted] and wish it was on a feedback loop for the rest of my life. [links to NY Times Article]


btw, Arturo's "142241" was SciFi Beuys meets Francis Bacon w/ a David Lynch vibe as told through performance by a hybrid Chaplin/Monk/Wolf. Really great to see live, looking forward to the film which will be in reverse.


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