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Body Island is inspired by a vision of the performer's body as a landscape and a site of refuge. In using imagery that evokes a natural catastrophe, the work is a metaphor for how society anticipates and responds to crisis. One performer and ten rats interacted in a closed structure as it flooded. Spectators reclined on the structure while the performance occurred beneath them. Three camera feeds of the action were live-edited by a director of photography and projected onto a screen suspended over the structure.

This work exists as a single channel video, as well as a 4-channel video installation that exposes the event that created the video in a nuanced way.

Shot on location at Abrons Art Center, co-presented by The Chocolate Factory. March 24th, 2011
Subsequently shown at: 
319 Scholes, Bushwick Open Studios, New York, June 2011
Brucennial: Harderer, Betterer, Fasterer, Strongerer, New York, May 2012
Alumni II show, Wesleyan University's Zilka Gallery, curated by John Ravenal, Sept. 2013
The Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 2013
ZIL Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia, Aug. 2014
Temporary Landscapes, Abrons Arts Center, New York, Jan. 2015

Creation, Design, Direction: Arturo Vidich
Performance: Maximiliano Balduzzi and The Rats
Video Direction and Live Editing: Madeline Best
Dramaturgy: Ashley Rawlings

Production Managers: Madeline Best and Lydia Bell
Camera Operators: Merche Blasco, Alex Kozovski, Diana Motta, Molmol, Luis Violante
Architect: Joseph Vidich
Structure Design: Matthew Richard
Head Carpenter: Aki Sasamoto
Sound Design and Execution: Catherine McCurry and Christopher Gilroy

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