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I'm not usually this serious

I'm not usually this serious


Arturo Vidich's projects bridge various media, including written works, performance, sculpture, illustration, video, and sound. Improvisation is the root of his daily artistic practice. Exploring themes of family, technology, natural sciences, and human-animal relationships, Vidich probes the everyday demands of the here-and-now through the lens of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, as well as "plain old" fiction. Since 2003, Vidich's performances and artworks have been presented by venues and residencies in New York, nationally, and internationally. Recurring media include the body (dance, theater, and performance), text (written, or spoken), sculpture (wood, steel, and electronics), video (live, or cinematic), and sound (live, or pre-rendered).

New projects usually demand learning new skills, which accumulate, are cross-referenced, internalized, and used later. For example, a life-long absorption with animals led to a three-year stint as a veterinary technician (the piss-shit-blood-puss-fur-radiation years), and the achievement of a dog-training certificate. Several years later, when confronting mortal terror became central to my process, I dove into my fear of flying (really a fear of crashing) and became a licensed pilot. What I came away with from those two examples remains informative and generative in my work.


Since 2003, Vidich’s performance work has been presented in New York City by The Chocolate Factory, New Museum, Museum of Arts and Design, New York Live Arts, The Invisible Dog Arts Center, Abrons Art Center, EXIT Art, Facade/Fasad, Reverse, NADA Art Fair, Independent Art Fair, Dorkbot NYC, Brucennial 2010: Miseducation, SITE Fest, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, Movement Research, Catch Series, Dixon Place, Chashama, and AUNTS; and in Los Angeles at AT1 Projects. He has been an artist-in-residence at NYLA, MAD, Movement Research, The Chocolate Factory, and Chashama. Vidich is a Creative Capital 2013 Performing Arts grant recipient, and a NYFA recipient in Choreography. In 2007, Vidich was awarded the International Artist Residency at the Red Stables, Dublin, Ireland. In the same year, he co-founded Culture Push, a non-profit arts organization that brings together diverse professionals to share knowledge and resources ( Through Culture Push, he initiated a collaborative open-source residency, called Genesis Project New York, for artists who work or want to work with or through the body.

Vidich has collaborated on performances with Yvonne Meier, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Aki Sasamoto, Deborah Hay, Daria Faïn, Allison Farrow, Lower Lights Collective, Christopher Williams, and Nami Yamamoto. In 2010, Vidich received a “Bessie” (New York Dance and Performance Award) for his collaboration on Yvonne Meier’s Stolen. He has assisted visual artists Douglas Repetto and Jeffrey Schiff. His writing has been published twice in the Movement Research Performance Journal. Vidich has a degree in Dance from Wesleyan University, and has a graduate degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts. He also achieved a pilot’s license.

In 2012, with his brother and cousin, Vidich co-founded Kin & Company, a family-run design and fabrication studio specializing in custom steel and wood creations ( They are located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


 Culture Push
Kin & Company

Public Presentations, abbreviated
Alone in The Dark: Platform Series: A Body in Places, Danspace Project, Feb/Mar 2016
Cemetery Dance: Green-Wood Cemetery, produced by MAPP International, June 2015
Temporary Landscapes: Abrons Arts Center gallery, Jan 2015
Break In Reverse: ZIL Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia, Aug 2014
Alone In The Dark: CATCH Series, Invisible Dog, Jan 2014
142241: Abrons Arts Center (premiere), NYC, November 2013; REVERSEspace, NYC, June 2013; Independent Art Fair, NYC, March 2013; CATCH for AUNTS, NYC, February 2013.
The Daedalus Effect and other dilemmas: New York Live Arts (premiere), presented off-site at The Invisible Dog, NYC, January 2013; Museum of Arts and Design, NYC, Nov 2012; Movement Research at the Judson Church, NYC, April 2012; Studio Series in-process showing, New York Live Arts, January 2012
Centripetal Run: by Aki Sasamoto, The Chocolate Factory, NYC, Nov 2012
Improvisation: Museum of Arts and Design, Risk+Reward Series, curated by Sarah Maxfield, June 2012
Spin Cycle: Danspace Project Food For Thought Festival, May 2012
Road Trap: EPHEMERAL EVIDENCE Festival created by CultureBot, EXIT Art, NYC, Apr 2012
 The Shining: with Yvonne Meier, New York Live Arts off-site @The Invisible Dog, NYC 2011/2012
 Improvisational Score: with Yvonne Meier, "Dancer Crush" curated by Carla Peterson and Annie-B Parson, New York Live Arts, NYC 2011
 Improvisational Score: Live Stock Exchange performance series, Princeton University, NJ, 2011
 Improvisational Score: Prize Every Time Festival, curated by Sally Silvers, Roulette, NYC, 2011
 Improvisational Score: Risk + Reward Series, guest curated by Sarah Maxfield, Museum of Art and Design, NYC, 2011
Improvisational Score: La Mama Moves Festival, NYC, 2011
Body Island: The Chocolate Factory (premiere), presented off-site at Abrons Art Center, NYC, 2011; video installation presented in Hello World at 319 Scholes Art Space, NYC, 2011; video installation presented at the 2012 Brucennial, NYC, 2012; Zilka Gallery Alumni II show, Wesleyan University, September 2013; Dance Ireland, Dublin Fringe Festival, September 2013; West Beth Gallery, Jul 2014
Shitopia: Platform Series curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor, Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church, NYC, 2011; THEM and NOW showcase, curated by Ishmael Houston-Jones, New Museum, NYC, 2010
 Brother of Gogolorez: with Yvonne Meier, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, NYC, 2011
 THEM: revival by Ishmael Houston-Jones, Dennis Cooper, and Chris Cochrane, PS122, NYC 2010; Abrons Art Center, NYC 2011; Nouveau Festival @Centre Pompidou, Paris 2012; Tanz Im August Festival @Haus, Berlin 2012; Redcat, LA 2012
A New Theory of Biology: VOLUME at AT1 Projects, LA, 2010; Brucennial: Miseducation, NYC, 2010; The Chocolate Factory, NYC, 2009; Movement Research at the Judson Church, NYC, 2008; Improvised and Otherwise Festival, NYC, 2008
Improvisational Score Event: curated by Ishmael Houston-Jones and Yvonne Meier, Movement Research Spring Festival, NYC, 2010
Infested Waters: Movement Research at the Judson Church, NYC, 2010; Catch Series, NYC, 2010
Improvisational Score: with Aki Sasamoto, Movement Research Winter Festival, NYC, 2009
DRAWN: with Aki Sasamoto, Living Room Festival, Auckland, NZ, 2009
Stolen: with Yvonne Meier, Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church, NYC, 2009
untitled: with lower lights collective, Movement Research Festival in association with the Austrian Cultural Foundation, Judson Church, NYC, 2008
Horror Project: The Red Stables, Dublin, Ireland, 2007
Shit The Bed: The Chocolate Factory, NYC, 2007

Artists With Families beta residency, Aunt Karen's Farm, Mt. Vision, New York, 2017
Home Away Residency, Some Serious Business, Abiquiu, New Mexico, 2016
New York Live Arts Suitcase Fund, travel to Moscow and stipend, 2014
 Commissioning Support Jerome Foundation, 142241, 2013
New York Foundation for the Arts grant for Choreographers, 2013
Abrons Arts Center commission for evening length performance, 142241, 2013
Creative Capital Performing Arts Award, 2013
 DTW Commissioning Fund, New York Live Arts, Fall 2012
 Risk+Reward Residency, Museum of Arts and Design, Fall 2012
 Studio Series Artist Residency, New York Live Arts, NYC 2011-2012
 Body Madness Platform Series Commission, curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor, Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church, NYC 2011
 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award, for collaboration with Yvonne Meier on Stolen, NYC, 2010
 Partial Scholarship, NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, NYC, 2009-2011
 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence, NYC, 2008-2010
 The Chocolate Factory Artist Residency and Commission, NYC, 2009
 The Red Stables Artist Residency, Dublin City Council, Dublin, Ireland, 2007
 Dublin City Council, Commission, Dublin, Ireland, 2007
 Irish Arts Council, travel grant, Dublin, Ireland, 2007
 Genesis Project, Artist Residency, Dublin, Ireland, 2006, 2007
 The Chocolate Factory Artist Residency, NYC, 2004, 2005, 2007
 Chashama, Residency and Commission, NYC, 2006

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 Tailwheels Etc. Flight School (accelerated course), Winter Haven, FL, Private Pilot License, Jan 2012
Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, New York, Masters Degree in Professional Studies, 2009-2011
 Rodent Academy, NYC Dept. of Health, NYC 2010
 Biscuits & Bath, Apprentice Dog Trainer, NYC, 2008
 Animal Behavior College, Certificate in Dog Training, 2007-2008
 Wesleyan University, B.A. Dance, 2003

 Kin & Company, custom design and fabrication firm, Partner, 2011-present
 Culture Push: non-profit arts organization, Co-Founder / Co-Director, 2007-2011, Board member, 2011-2014
 Welding and metalwork: teaching to individuals, freelance commissions, NYC, 2011-present
Photographer/Videographer/Editor, NYC, 2004-present
 Dance/Theater Electrician and Carpenter, NYC, 2003-present
 Advanced Media Studios: rapid prototyping (laser cutting and 3D printing) and large format archival print service, Teaching Staff, NYC, 2009-2011
 Veterinary Technician: Hope Veterinary Services, NYC, 2007-2009
 Paid Performer for Yvonne Meier (2005-present), Ishmael Houston-Jones (2010-present), Christopher Williams (2004-2009), Nami Yamamoto (2005-2006), Allison Farrow (2005-2006), Trajal Harrell (2005-2006), Human Behavior Explorers (*company member 2004-2006)

 Performance curator: Kunstverein, NY, (2010)
 Genesis Project Artist Residency: Residency Director, NYC (2011), Philadelphia (2009), Los Angeles with Hana van der Kolk (2008)
 Mask-making and Performance Workshop: freelance teaching to groups and individuals, 2002-2010
 Dog Trainer: freelance teaching to individuals, 2008-present
 Assistant to dance artists: Deborah Hay (2006), Eiko and Koma (2003-2005), Ishmael Houston-Jones (2003)
Assistant to visual artists: Aki Sasamoto (2004-present), Douglas Repetto (2010), Jeffrey Schiff (2003)