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Abrons Art Center
Underground Theater
November 14-16, 2013 @ 8pm

Created by Arturo Vidich
Performed by Arturo Vidich with Maximilian Balduzzi
Additional direction by Maximilian Balduzzi

Video by Dan Scofield and Victoria Sendra
Edited by Dan Scofield

The Underground Theater at Abrons is transformed into a retro-futuristic underwater facility crossed with a prehistoric cave, where animism and humanism twist, fold, and battle for control. Hypnotic sound and light machines evoke an electro-acoustic seascape of noise and dancing shadows. 142241 makes the case that time is an illusion, with dance scores designed to interchange backwards movement with forwards during the performance. Challenging and embracing a dedication to improvisation, Vidich will also embroil volunteer assistants— selected using 'emotive telepathy'— in a series of accidents that develop through interference. A large spinning steel ring is a metaphor for cycles of entropy, and loops of self-delusion; there is a flickering portal to another dimension where disaster never struck, where the party was never interrupted. There is a never-ending pie in the face. Captured on video each night, the performances will be edited into a multi-channel artwork which, when viewed from finish to start, catches slippery artifacts of an unraveling memory, a series of spills magically unspilling.

This work is made possible with commissioning support from the Jerome Foundation.

Excerpt with two audience members chosen using "emotive telepathy." Identities of the audience members were unknown to the performer.